Weekly Summary

We are closing the week with the US Trading Session. Let's cover some of the important moments of the week together.

This week everybody was focused on the US Inflation data report. The data was released better than expected. The Inflation rate in the US is %8.5 right now and investors are kind of happy. Actually not a perfect report to celebrate because once we received the same level of inflation in March everyone was in panic mode. Investors are assessing that %9.1 June inflation is at its peak and we will have lower inflation in the coming months. If these expectations become real then we can celebrate but i think it is too early to celebrate. Because Oil prices are on the rise again. So we will wait and see next month. 

This week we see more problems in China. Another Real Estate developer couldn't pay its bond interest payment and we can expect a worse storm in the future. Some big state owned companies such as PetroChina announced that they are exiting from New York Exchanges. This has made everyone suspicious because they may get ready for Taiwan Invasion. They may do these exits to avoid assets freezing. So things are not quite bright in China also in Global Markets. 

European Markets are trying to get ready for winter. Governments all around Europe are announcing cautions on energy shortages or even planned energy cuts. high dependency on Russian Gas is creating pressure over the countries. This week Ukraine has attacked an air base in Crimea and this is just elevating conflict in Ukraine. Everyone is sure that this winter will be hard for Europeans. 

As you can see lots of things are happening globally and these developments create volatility in FX Markets. You can benefit from these ups and downs by opening a trading account in Gann Markets. Start Trading Today!!

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